The Book Finder would like to apologize for the long absence, her travels around the world took way more than usual. However, she’s back with the second book in the Techno-Shaman series (you can read the review for the first one here), which she received directly from the author. Curious to know what happened to Livvy? Then buckle up, because it’s going to be quite the ride.


Title: Shaman, Friend, Enemy

Author: M. Terry Green

Edition: kindle edition by Middleworld Productions, 2011

A year after the events in Shaman, Healer, Heretic, Livvy is a celebrity. Everyone has heard about what she and the other shamans did, and she’s busier than ever: new apartment, new car, new clients, the paparazzi always following her, and maybe even a new relationship. However, fame brings new enemies as well, and being the lightning shaman might not be as rosy as it seems.

Way more complex than the first book, Shaman, Friend, Enemy combines the main plot with a few other minor ones, creating a structure in which many things seem to happen all at once. Still, the author manages to keep track of everything (even when the reader can’t), and wraps things up nicely in the end, whithout leaving loose threads.

We get to know more about Livvy’s past, and how it influences her present, together with finding out a few things about her shamanism. We also find many old characters, which are developed in a way that adds both to the plot, and to their personality. It’s difficult for the reader not to sympathize with them, root for them, and sometimes yell at them, when they make questionable choices.

The one thing that I found slightly disappointing was the way the romance was presented in the beginning. It felt a bit sudden, since the ending of the first book had only hinted at it, and it immediately took a dramatic turn. I would have appreciated seeing more of that year gap, to understand how their relationship developed. It would also have helped in toning down the drama, which seemed a tad too much that early on. However, the way it developed later, together with the open ending and the prospective of three more books, allows me to hope for the best in this aspect as well as for the rest.

The author keeps up with the first chapter of the series, delivering a compelling story that is difficult to put down, despite (or maybe exactly because of) its complexity. Can’t wait to read the next installment!


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